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Post by Verteska on Fri Mar 07, 2008 11:47 pm

Not really sure if this is how I post apps here but here we go...

Verteska - lvl 70 Druid

Spec: 0/50/11 as a tank &
Spec: 0/53/8 as Balance
I am Balance Monday-Friday and respec as tank Fridaynight- Sunday.
So Im not sure what Armor I will have when you look at me in the armory but if you care to see my tanking gear just send me a whisper. My tanking gear is ten times better than my balance gear atm. Smile

My raid experience: I've lead Karah runs on my old server and recently have ran and completed Gruuls and a little of SSC including Lurker and Morrogrim* (spelling). I have never stepped foot in ZA, BT, MH but would like to someday. Smile

Guild Status: I am currently in a guild because I made friends with a few people when pugging a dungeon. Though they are really nice I cannot make their raid time because they run too late for me. Before this I was in AOE guild but their DKP system was... in my opinion... unfair and never going to change. So rather than make a fuss in their guild I chose to leave. Before AOE I was on the Echo Isles server where my husband and I lead our own guild for the past 2 years. Heros of the Night and its strong enough now they don't need us anymore. Here's the site if ever you wish to look at it.

My availability for raids: Friday-Sunday are my best raiding times, but throughout the week its tough for me to raid but it depends on my husbands schedule. Thus the reason I'm usually a tank on the weekends Smile

There you have it. I hope to be a part of your guild.
My husband my also be interested to join
lvl 70 Shamman healer 1934 healing bonus.
If you need one that is. His name is Valeck.


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