Armor Penetration Guild Vol 1

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Armor Penetration Guild Vol 1

Post by lync on Mon May 26, 2008 10:47 am

As you may have observed, pushing higher content requires more DPS but blizzard has not increased the cap on current DPS stats (eg +damage). Hence, how does one increase DPS further? 2 techniques:
1. Spell Haste
2. Armor Reduction.

We'll have a loot at armor reduction here.....

Armor Ignore Spreedsheet:

Boss Armor Values:

Attumen the Huntsman: 41.5% -- 7500
Midnight: 43.5% -- 8200
Maiden of Virtue: 39.0% -- 6700
Julianne: 36.5% -- 6100
Romulo: 42.0% -- 7600
Strawman: 41.0% -- 7300
Roar: 31.0% -- 4700
The Curator: 36.5% -- 6100
Shade of Aran: 26.5% -- 3800
Kil'rek: 24.5% -- 3400
Terestian Illhoof: 39.0% -- 6700
Nightbane: 42.0% -- 7600
Netherspite: 34.0% -- 5500
Prince Malchezaar: 42.0% -- 7600

Serpentshrine Cavern:
Hydross the Unstable: 7700
The Lurker Below: 7700
Leotheras the Blind: 7700
Fathom-Lord Karathress 6200
Morogrim Tidewalker: 7700
Lady Vashj: 6200

Tempest Keep:
Void Reaver: 8800
High Astromancer Solarian: 6200
Al'ar: 7700
Kael'thas Sunstrider: 6200

Hyjal Summit:
Rage Winterchill: 6200
Anetheron: 6200
Kaz'rogal: 6200
Azgalor: 6200
Archimonde: 6200

Black Temple:
High Warlord Naj'entus: 7700
Supremus: 7700
Shade of Akama: 7700
Teron Gorefiend: 6200
Gurtogg Bloodboil: 7700
Reliquary of Souls:
- Essence of Suffering: 0
- Essence of Desire: 7700
- Essence of Anger: 7700
Mother Shahraz: 6200
Illidari Council:
-Gathios the Shatterer: 6200
Illidan: 6200

Brutallus: 7700

Notice that all but 2 of the bosses have either 6200 or 7700 armor. A similar pattern occurs in the trash mobs: 5475/5700/5950 or 6800/7100/7400 for level 70/71/72 mobs. In terms of percentage reduction, these values result in either 34.15% or 39.15% armor reduction vs attackers of the same level as the mob. You can test a mob's AC value using physical abilities which cause a static amount of damage such as Kick or Pummel.

from the elitistjerks-forums.

Abilities Which Reduce AC:

A properly stacked raid SHOULD make the most out of armor ignore and know which debuffs they are using in order to maximize physical damage. I highly recommend using 1 rogue with Improved Exposed Armor who rotates this ability in place of every other rupture in their rotation. Believe it or not, devastate with a fast weapon will still hit for just about the same amount of damage form this extra 450 armor ignore, despite it's damage being tied to stacks of sunder.

-Improved Exposed Armor: 3075 Armor Ignore- Better than sunder armor- does not stack with sunder armor.
-5 Stacks of Sunder Armor: 2600 Armore Ignore- Does not stack with Expose Armor and is worse.
-Curse of Recklessness Rank 5- 800 Armor Ignore.
-Faerie Fire Rank 5- 610 Armor Ignore.
Total From Raw Static Raw Abilities: 4485/ea-4010/sunder- This leaves you with 3215-3590 AC left on the heaviest armored bosses.
-Executioner:840 armor ignore on proc.
Total With Executioner+Raw Abilities: 5325-4850.

Finding Your Armor Ignore:
Take your raid Debuff total and add it to your gear's+procs armor ignore value then move along the X axis of the graph until you hit your value. Next, take whichever boss you want to compare your gains to and move your mouse along the Y axis untill you hit their value. Where the two points meet will be approximately your effective damage gain from your armor ignore value.

Items with Armor Ignore:

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Re: Armor Penetration Guild Vol 1

Post by Landjuice on Mon May 26, 2008 10:54 am

Spell haste is one of the lousiest damage stats for arcane mage and shadow priest (From what i heard).

It's super good for other caster class / spec


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