70 Rogue - Application

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70 Rogue - Application

Post by Mall/Fri on Sun May 25, 2008 1:19 am

1.) Name / Class

Fringe - Rogue 70

2.) Spec (Etc. 10/48/3) etc etc

My Spec is always stuck at 20/41/0. Best raiding spec IMO.

3.) Armory Profile Link

Im not going to put up an Armory link, because the gear im currently in is my arena pvp set. but stats would be 1650+AP unbuffed, 315 Hit rating topping 1000+ dps every raid

4.) State your experience in raids.

3/5MH. 3/4 Tk, 11/11 Karazhan, gruul's mag's. ETC. Ive done most raiding content pretty much.

5.) Do you have a previous guild? If so, why do you leave that guild?

Yes, i am good friends with Fioramune/Unholistic and we where in the same raiding guild on Muradin, just didn't suit us was all fun and not really concentrating as hard as possible. Aswell this is Mallues's rogue ive kept it a secret until now.

6.) Available time to join us for raiding

All days and all times.


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